Sunday, December 7, 2008

Visit Keraton Kasunanan

Karaton Kasunanan also called Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace, built in 1745 by the King Paku Buwono II. This is the main Surakarta kingdom, and was built at the same time the city has found. The city is decorated with marble stone statues, and reliefs of ancient stone.

In the palace or kingdom, can be found art galleries and museums with heirloom-hereditary kingdom, train place and it's drivers, ancient and traditional weapons, as well as antique.
At the Palace, dominated by a tower called Panggung Sanggabuwono, the mysterious tower where the King met with the Queen of the South Sea, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul.
No other place can be found in a monument full of dignity and peace, for tradition, art and culture of classical Javanese kingdom.


  1. perlu di promosikan lebih gencar nih....., salam hangat selalu !

  2. Salah satu identitas bangasa kita, ya? Nice posting!

  3. wih, bangunannya udah tua ya. Ratusan tahun mungkin

  4. thanks for promote Surakarta, the spirit of java.


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