Sunday, June 16, 2013

Enjoy Wonogiri from Gandul Mountain

His name Mount Gandul, was known long before the other attractions in Wonogiri known. Although now almost forgotten as a tourist attraction, this mountain was still interesting stop off. Many roads to climb Mount Gandul. Do not imagine hiking journey takes only 15 minutes from the center of this Wonogiri like climbing a mountain in general if there is a paved road to the summit of the mountain. Climbing Mount Gandul is located in the Village Giriwono This can be done by bike or on foot.

I climb mountains and through the end of March 2013 the village entrance is on the east hospitals Soediran Soemarso Mangun (SMS) Winton. I choose to walk, because in addition to enjoying the scenery of green trees, a trip to the summit of Mount Gandul same exercise. There is a wide paved road less than three meters uphill. Long winding road that has reached more than one kilometer.

Along the way to the top of the mountain than there are trees and greenery, I could enjoy the view of the large stones that form and unique color. Behind the green plants, looks housing, fields, rivers and reservoirs puddles under the mountain. If you're lucky visitors can also see monkeys swinging in the trees.

Way of the Cross

Unfortunately, it was not until the paved road right on top of the mountain. The road to the kind of terrain surrounded by rocks just a few meters from the peak. In the land of ordinary Catholics Winton Easter commemoration held a series of Stations of the Cross.

To reach the top, visitors have to climb a large rock. It took less than five minutes to reach the top. Visitors must be very clever for grip and balance in order not to fall into the mountainside.

Catholic leaders Wonogiri, Lili Dwi Sularyanto, not long ago, said with the growing recognition of the procession of the Cross, Mount Gandul back known as a tourist attraction option. In fact, according to him, is not rare group of Catholics outside Winton had come to see the procession of the Cross or Way of the Cross visited the location where usually held outside the execution of the event.

"We have proposed to the local government in order to be re-developed Mount Gandul tourist sites. Could begin with a religious tourism. We believe that properly managed would be nice, "said Lili.

On the other hand, the local government had initiated the plan actually Winton attractions Mount Gandul development about 10 years ago. Secretary of the Department of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports (Disbudparpora) Winton, Sentot Sujarwoko, telling local government 10 years ago to design ever design development between Mount Gandul cable car to the center of the county town, exactly behind the Post Office Winton.

However, the plan failed to materialize. District government needs billions of dollars to realize the mega project. In addition, adding Sentot Mount Gandul still need to be addressed, especially in the dry season.

In the rainy season is the patch of green trees in the dry season but the mountains become barren. "If you want to develop into attractions may need artificial rain every dry season so that the green trees up all year," said Sentot.

Regardless of its shortcomings, Mount Gandul deserved so choice attractions in Winton. Nothing wrong with kids crave picnic ancient Winton to Mount Gandul every school holiday. Need to intervene in order to mount the local government has become an icon Winton was not just so the teen dating arena.


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