Monday, April 12, 2010

Need a taxi in the solo?

Indonesia (Country Guide)For those of you who are traveling to Solo, Central Java and want to use a taxi to visit tourist attractions, please contact the following telephone numbers.
1. Kosti (0271) 956300
2. Solo Taksi (0271) 728728
3. Angkasa Taksi (0271) 718315
4. Taksi Centris (0271) 713000, 715678
5. Solo Central Taksi (0271) 636468

Tariff you should pay based on the travel distance to the destination. If the site distance is close, then charged at a minimum of 14,000 rupiah.
Various taxi fleet in Solo already meet the standards of safety and comfort. There are even some taxis that provide additional facilities such as karaoke, DVD player and so forth.

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