Sunday, June 16, 2013

Enjoy Wonogiri from Gandul Mountain

His name Mount Gandul, was known long before the other attractions in Wonogiri known. Although now almost forgotten as a tourist attraction, this mountain was still interesting stop off. Many roads to climb Mount Gandul. Do not imagine hiking journey takes only 15 minutes from the center of this Wonogiri like climbing a mountain in general if there is a paved road to the summit of the mountain. Climbing Mount Gandul is located in the Village Giriwono This can be done by bike or on foot.

Sendang Pinilih, Alternative tourism in Sukoharjo

Small water fountain made of white PVC pipe incessantly pouring water. The water coming out of the pipe meets one of the pools at the Spring Pinilih, Rice Jero, Jangglengan, Nguter, Sunday (19/05/2013). Some young teens are absorbed soak and peeking out from behind the surface of the water. Most of them also jumped in the typical style before plunging into the pool.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Curug Sembilan, the Nine Level Waterfalls

Melati region, Keloran Village, District Selogiri, Wonogiri, turned out to save the charm of the natural attractions that incredible waterfall. What makes the place special and worth a visit is due to a waterfall that was there has nine levels.