Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Enjoy Dinner in Gladag Langen Bogan

If you want to visit the Surakarta city, and want to find dinner while relaxing in the open space tired after a day walking arround Surakarta city, a place called Gladag Langen Bogan may be suitable for you. Surakarta citizens will agree if Gladag Langen Bogan used as a reference to the main dining night while relaxing.
Gladag Langen Bogan Solo or Galabo called, is an outdoor arena located in east Gladag precisely roundabout on Jl. Major Sunaryo, in front of Beteng Trade Center (BTC) and the Pusat Grosir Solo (PGS), and alongside with historic sites Benteng Vastenburg. Located in the central city of Surakarta, the area along approximately 200 meters in the morning and this afternoon is used as a normal road. However, on the night starting 18:00 - 22:00 road is closed by local government and used to enjoy Surakarta night special food. Gladag Langen Bogan is inaugurated by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Marie Elka Pangestu, and opened to the public on April 13th 2008 that then. Galabo is the presence tourism new icons of Surakarta in addition to the Klewer Market, Batik Kampoeng Kauman and Taru Jurug Zoo.
In Gladag Langen Bogan, all special food has a stand here. Thus, tourists need not bother to search for various special food because it has been collected into one in Gladag Langen Bogan.
In this Gladag Langen Bogan, all presented from Lekker Bakery, Lumpia, Kebab, various beverages typical Solo, various juice, Javanesse Steak, fried duck, tail soup, sate, goat oven, until shisa can found here. You want to order the Shawarma with the content of the meat seasoned typical middle east, so soft and delicious with the Dragon fruit juice? Or want to eat fried duck with a glass of ice tea to dispel lighter spiciness condiment or onion condiment? Or enjoy Lumpia Solo accompanied by a glass of Ice
Tea "Kampul" that really special Solo taste? You can choose about 75 types of food of that held in Galabo. If you do not like sitting in chair, you can rolling out the mat and eat the meal above, called "Lesehan". Because Galabo is the volk tourism, the price is still affordable for many people when compared with similar dish that is served in hotels and restaurants. Galabo can be reached for about 30 minutes from the International Airport Adisumarmo Surakarta, using a taxi or city bus Nusa. Or when you travel the land, can be reached in about 10 minutes from Tirtonadi Bus Station and Balapan Train Station.
So when you come to Surakarta, do not forget to visit Gladag Langen Bogan, The Surakarta Culinary Tour, Indonesian Tourism Reference!


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  1. mmmm... very nice. I want to go there. Enjoy dinner. I like this blog.

  2. Tempat asik sich cuman mahal yah,sayangnya lagi masak dangdut mulu.


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