Thursday, February 28, 2013

Curug Sembilan, the Nine Level Waterfalls

Melati region, Keloran Village, District Selogiri, Wonogiri, turned out to save the charm of the natural attractions that incredible waterfall. What makes the place special and worth a visit is due to a waterfall that was there has nine levels.

To reach the waterfall, visitors who use motor vehicles had to park quite a distance away. Parking can be in the courtyard houses. After that, visitors must walk on the path of approximately 1 km away. But the journey was tiring because during that visitors can enjoy the natural scenery unlimited expanse of paddy fields on one side and a small river where the water is very clear on the other side.

About 250 meters before reaching the destination, the landscape began to look different. On one side there is a cliff of more than three meters tall and on the other there is gap of more than five feet deep, with a rocky river bottom.
The flow of water rushing through the trees sounded quite loud. Ten minutes later, it reached a new waterfall.

At the very bottom of it, flowing water is very clear and cool, making a few visitors stop to soak tired feet after walking for nearly 45 minutes. Up to the next level, there is a natural pool for the kids who want to play water.

Go to the next waterfall, the challenge began ambush. Visitors must walk on a rocky cliff climbing. Apparently residents and local district governments have made access more adequate in that department. Understandably, the waterfall was recently opened and widely promoted.

Previously, the location was only known to locals. Those who visit usually because they want to see one of the nine so-called waterfall Kedung Turuk. Turuk name in Javanese means the female genitalia as the rocks on the cliff supposedly impassable waterfall believed to resemble female genitalia. The waterfall is on the fifth level. Other waterfalls named, Banyu sales drop, Kedung Bandang, Kedung Bunder, Canyons Gandil, Hand and Kali Kali Telu.

Chief of Selogiri, Bambang Haryanto, plans to develop it into a waterfall attraction to increase rural incomes. "This is potentially a pity to miss. Currently, there are some people who open a stall near the waterfall. If this can be developed, the economic life of local people also increased, "he told weekend.

It also plans to introduce a waterfall with the name Curug Nine. The proposal arose in District Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbangcam) Selogiri, recently. Nevertheless, there is still much work waiting for developing attractions that. Among improve access to the site. "We have to develop gradually negotiate with funding from several sources. As DAD [village allocation of funds], third-party and governmental organizations. In the meantime, we want to strengthen the footpath to avoid landslides. It costs about Rp70 million, "he said.

Not to mention other needs such as toilets and a place to sit, visitors can rest while enjoying the view. Village Chief Keloran, Maryanto, had planned to build some gazebo, places of worship and MCK. "When a holiday or Sunday, the number of visitors had enough. In one day can reach 100 people. If Monday through Friday, the number of visitors amounted to a dozen, "he said.

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