Friday, November 21, 2008

Geographical Condition of Surakarta

Surakarta, the city is also known as Solo, is a lowland basin, located in the mountainous slopes of Merapi Lawu and mountains with a height of approximately 92 m above sea level. With approximately 44 Km2 Area, is located between 110 45 `15" - 110 45 '35 "East Longitude and 70` 36 "- 70' 56" South Latitude. Surakarta city be splitted and watered by the three (3) big river, Bengawan Solo, Pepe river and Jenes river. Bengawan Solo River in antiquity is very popular with the elegance and beautiful landscape.
Surakarta city boundaries in the north is Karanganyar District and Boyolali district. Boundaries in the Eastern is District of Sukoharjo and District of Karangnyar. Boundaries in the West is Sukoharjo district and the Boyolali District. And bordered on the south side of the Sukoharjo district. Surakarta is divided into five subdistrict.
The temperature maximum of Surakarta city is 32.5 degree Celsius, while the minimum temperature was 21.9 degree Celsius. The average air pressure is 1010.9 MBS with 75% humidity. Speed Knot wind 4 with 240 degree wind direction. Solo beriklim tropical, is the rainy season and droughts alternately throughout the 6 months each year.

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