Sunday, November 30, 2008

History of Surakarta

The History of Surakarta began when Sunan Pakubuwana II ordered Tumenggung Honggowongso and Tumenggung Mangkuyudo army commander and the Netherlands JAB Van Hohendorff to find the location of the Kingdom of Mataram, the new capital of Islam.

Consider the factors of physical and non-physical, eventually selected a village on the edge of the River Bengawan village called Sala (1746 or 1671 F Java). Since then the village Sala changed to Surakarta Hadiningrat and growing rapidly.

The existence of Giyanti Agreement, 13 February 1755 caused a split Islamic Mataram become Yogyakarta and Surakarta, and then broken again based on Salatiga Agreement in 1767, Kasunanan and Mangkunegaran.

From historical facts of Surakarta in antiquity is affected by the presence of the central government and Kasunanan Mangkunegaran, Benteng Vastenburg as the supervision of the colonial center of the Surakarta bother and Market Gedhe Hardjonagoro (Thomas Kaarsten) as the economic center of town.

When connecting the culture of the area will be established with the Palace as the core Kasunanan. The development of the city further progress in the area around this culture.

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