Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jaladara Railways Steam Locco Tour

Minister of Transportation Jusman Syafii Djamal, Sunday (27/9), inaugurated the operation of railways (railway) steam tour called "railroad Kluthuk Jaladara" in the city of Solo, Central Java.
The first operation of the railway loco tour with the serial number steam locco C 1218 and two passenger cars marked in front of the pitcher solving loko accompanied by Minister of Communications Mayor of Surakarta, Joko Widodo and Deputy Mayor of Surakarta, Hadi Rudyatmo.

Minister of Transportation, explained the idea of reviving the railway line which divides the city of Solo is derived from the government of Surakarta two years ago and just realized now. "Surakarta will connect the old town, now and the future of city," said the minister.

Therefore, the minister hoped the operation of steam trains to destinations in the city of Solo can be followed by other regional heads to take the uniqueness in their respective area so that people will be more to love the area.

Jusman mention tourist railway in the town of Solo, while going through the path which runs from Jalan Slamet Riyadi Purwosari Station to Statiun Kota (Sangkrah) or a distance of about 5.6 kilometers. "Steam railway is expected to grow away from the station to station Purwosari Solo Wonogiri , "said the minister.

Meanwhile, first operation of Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara (this is name of the locco) is from in front of the home office for the Mayor of Surakarta, Loji Gandrung, making interest for thousands of Solo City citizens who want to enjoy the new tourist facilities.

Surakarta Mayor, Joko Widodo expects operating railway in the town center will be the main attraction of the city. That modern city is a city that can reconcile the highway network in railway network in a single motion without space touch each other, but mutual synergy.

Taken from Kompas (Sunday, September 17th, 2009)

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