Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Solo City Jazz 2009 Jazz took up the theme of batik

4-5 December 2009 date was selected as the implementation of the first Solo City Jazz Festival which take the stage setting in the yard of Corridor Windujenar market Ngarsopuro Solo, Central Java.
Some stars will decorate the festival line-up two-day Jazz up themed batik is no charge. Those who will attend include Notturno, Maya Hasan Quartet with Deddy Dhukun & Dian PP. Then there is the group consisting of accordion Indrianto Star, Rindra 'Paddy' Risyanto, Roedyanto 'Emerald' Warsito & Sruti Respati, Magnificent - a duo with guitarist Agam Hamzah and Donny Suhendra, Ivan and Andien Nestorman.

There's Heaven on Earth, Agus Bing & Prabumi from Yogyakarta, Donny-Koeswinarno Jazz Quartet, Clorophyl & the New-Generation and Camel Widianto Fusion Solo himself down I Wayan Sadra with the Sono Seni Ensemble and Solo Jazz Society band.

This festival activities alone contribute Botol Sosro supported. According to Aria Wahyudi, Director of Marketing Vice Deputice Sosro when found in Joglo Kemang (23/11), Solo City Jazz has a different unique ways with other cities. Sosro himself saw similarities perspective that is consistent with the strategy and marketing communications with Solo City Jazz.

Solo City Government support is also very large so that the implementation of this event. Of course, as a lover of jazz we expect more and more companies and other city governments also provide support or support for implementation of events both large-scale jazz concerts and festivals.

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