Friday, August 12, 2011

Held, bamboo music competitions

Inspired by kentongan, Ngringo Village residents, specifically in XX RW will hold a contest in Housing Palur Tretek, Saturday (08/13/2011) night. As the name implies, the race further highlight the use of bamboo musical instrument.

As disclosed one of the organizers, Didit, participants Tretek competition, not only required to make use of bamboo to produce a rhythm, but also able to bring a variety of songs with musical accompaniment of bamboo that.

Tretek race, said Didit, to commemorate the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Moreover, the spirit is presented through musical instrument kentongan will be used as a means to socialize Siskamling activities in the villages.

"Competition is not showing the music of bamboo, but the game of musical instruments made ​​from bamboo. Participants are free to explore bamboo in any way. Plus other musical instrument is also allowed, the important idea remains essentially the bamboo, "said Didit, when contacted Espos on Thursday (11/08/2011).
Taken from Solopos (August, 11th 2011)

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