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When the Batik portal Speaking

Independence we have, is the result of the struggle at times difficult to make the system become wise life will then produce a crisis that is deviated from the basic life of humanity. Arif Syaiful ist an author, Refilosofi Culture (Arruz Press, 2010) reveals the crisis includes a crisis of social systems-political, humanitarian crisis and the crisis of culture itself.

The bustle of the rule, the number of corruption cases each lunge findings in a body of political parties to the accusation, refugees, and betrayal is a form of social crisis facing the political center of our race. Poverty, malnutrition, health services to disaster is a direct indicator of a humanitarian crisis of the citizen.
Culture is a joint fulfillment of basic needs "special people". Meeting them (different from the animals) need a system that "special people" were. If every living system has deviated and suppress "human uniqueness", then the whole system of life we ​​have a crisis. Man as a creature that has characteristics of sense as "human uniqueness". Common sense used as it should be the formation of cultural policy. Culture inspire and mobilize all the potential to be the imagery of an area.

Crisis Culture Village
Village undergoing cultural crisis. Village dikonotasikan as residential waste and dirty. However, some villagers often carry out improvements to landscaped trim and healthy.
Geliat villages adorn themselves has already existed since a long time. As written by a member of the urban studies Soedjatmoko Center, Heri Priyatmoko (2010) that history can not be disassociated from the village of Solo hard work Mangkunegara VII (1916-1944). He has a thick sense of humanity. When he saw the village residential Solo is not livable. He memergoki lifestyle community of sorts. Mangkunegara VII is not limited by the commands and to punish for breach of the order. It turns menggelontorkan of F 25,000 loan fund for fees verbetering village (kampung improvement) and F 66,000 allocated for improvements to people's homes. The program is equipped with spraying and eradication of drugs in rats. Thanks to Mangkunegara VII, in the end people can live healthy and peaceful.
Solo shows geliatnya village for good imagery. Imaging effort is none other than the awareness of cultural crisis. Morality of the nation (humanity) as sympathy, empathy, happy to help, appreciate other people and others from poverty, epidemic disease and shabby. The gap between the poor and the rich trigger endless humanitarian crisis.

Histori imagination Batik portal
Community portal adorned with decorations batik village. This theme is deliberately adopted as a link that Solo Solo batik an icon that has been acknowledged the world. Gateway in each village as a cultural manifestation of a region. Each year in commemoration of independence day Indonesia, the gate decorated with a variety of ornaments. Village gate is the first component of which is seen when we enter a region. Looking at the village gate a similarly reflect the culture of the village that is life and humanity. So nothing wrong if people are very enthusiastic villagers decorate gapuranya in such a way.
UNESCO Heritage Humanitarian batik set for oral and non-material culture (Masterpieces of the Oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity) since October 2, 2009. Javanese batik is a cultural and artistic heritage of Indonesia. Javanese batik has a different motive. Differences of this pattern is common because the motives that have meaning, not just a picture, but the meaning of a message containing ancestor. Batik Java grown a lot in the area commonly referred to as Solo or with batik Solo.
Batik made with a high calm and patience. In addition the process is laden with philosophical meaning, batik patterns are meaningful symbols that show how to think people who make it. Kawung motif, shaped lotus were cracked. This motif symbolizes purity and longevity. Parang motif, shaped blade, symbolizing authority and power. Can only be imposed by the authorities and the knight.
When we observe, gate is in the village of batik Solo batik motifs kawung most select and machetes. Actually, what is the policy of the society more to choose the pattern kawung and machetes? What motives made the most easily remembered by the histori batik, batik technique is actually complex. Terlampiaskan late satiation people batik parang. People require a peaceful life under the wise leadership and authority. Expectations of the people hung by batik kawung. People want well-being of long-lived and purity that is not tainted by the kekerasaan.
In the near future, Will batik culture cultural crisis we often run into people? The extent to which culture influences its batik inspired a nation to address the question of race? Is this just a euphoria of Independence? Or a sad batik considered at that time was quite ngetren.
Our expectations, batik is a culture not just simply. As he says by Syaiful learned that the uniqueness of human culture as a culture capable of overcoming the crisis itself. Culture batik (patience, peace and success kemulyaan) was expected to overcome the cultural polemics.
Increase the degree of true independence, which is higher and noble man, not able to be made a culture of a region, especially villagers. So, when is not acted upon, as well let the people at the extent of suspension only hope.
Batik is a crisis of culture, as in Indonesia he is independent but still occupied by his own people. We still have to fight against the occupation by his own people. The masses have not had independent because they know the well-being, achieved independence. Price just continue membumbung needs of high income are poor. Superintendent is more concerned with their stomachs from the well-being of small people. Lowest strata of society still struggling to seize the human uniqueness (well) above genggap gempitanya independence day celebrations of Republic of Indonesia.

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